Patillos Port, Sociedad Punta Lobos, II Region of Antofagasta, Chile

Asset Management


We design, structure, place, and then manage investment funds. We use our creativity and our knowledge of the financial markets to create tailor-made funds that innovate in order to take advantage of market opportunities that are usually overlooked by our competitors.

Recently we have added the ability to place and manage investment funds that are managed by third party institutions.

Tintaya Mine, Xstrata plc (Glencore), Perú

Tintaya Mine, Xstrata plc (Glencore), Perú

Xstrata is the 4th largest copper producer in the world. With projects in Chile, Perú and Argentina, the company´s main investment in Chile is the Collahuasi copper mine. Asset has advised the company in several strategic initiatives in the region.