Espigón, San Antonio Port, V Region of Valparaíso, Chile

Financial Restructuring

Bond Placements

In those cases where a bond placement represents a special challenge – because it is a market debut, the industry is not well understood by the investor community, or the bond structure has innovative features –, we help our clients in designing, structuring and placing bonds.

Examples: BHP Billiton and Rio Tinto whom we helped structure and place the first mining bond in the Chilean market for Escondida, one of the largest copper operations in the world; ENAP, the Chilean State owned oil company, for whom we structured a simultaneous bond debut in Chilean and the US (144A) markets; Molymet, the world´s market leader in Molybdenum refiner whom we helped with their Chilean market debut.

Antamina Mine, Xstrata plc (Glencore), Perú

Antamina Mine, Xstrata plc (Glencore), Perú

Xstrata is the 4th largest copper producer in the world. With projects in Chile, Perú and Argentina, the company´s main investment in Chile is the Collahuasi copper mine. Asset has advised the company in several strategic initiatives in the region.