Nueva Aldea Pulp Factory, Celulosa Arauco y Constitución S.A., VII Region of El Maule, Chile

Valuation and Financial Opinions


We provide valuations, project assessments and financial opinions, to support the decision making processes of our clients’ managements, board members and/or shareholders.

The increasing need for non-transactional financial advisory services, due to stringent regulation along with improved corporate governance policies and practices, demands that experienced and independent financial advisors take a role in providing such services.
Our business sense and deep expertise in relevant industries, along with our independence and our team’s capabilities, are ASSET Chile’s key elements to fulfill the highest standards. We provide high quality, consistent and sophisticated advisories with profound attention to detail.

We have advised clients in diverse issues such as: capital increases, fairness opinions, financial assessments of projects, valuation of assets, conflict resolutions, tax analysis, etc.

Patillos Port, Sociedad Punta Lobos, II Region of Antofagasta, Chile

Patillos Port, Sociedad Punta Lobos, II Region of Antofagasta, Chile

With the advice of Asset, Sal Punta de Lobos was purchased by K+S, a German fertilizer producer and now the largest salt producer in the world. Chilean rock salt is exported to the United States markets for deicing purposes.